Sunday, September 14, 2008


Teresa of the Faint Smile

No one knows what happened to Teresa..... after being ambushed in a trap set by the Creature of the Abyss, One-Horn Demon and Rigardo the Lion.

For those that do not know who the Creature of the Abyss, One-horn Demon and Rigardo the lion are, here are some of the pictures i stole from the net.

Rigardo the (kodomo) lion in his non-awakened form

Rigardo in his awakened form

One-Horned Demon also known as the No.2 who will one day take over and become No.1 (non-awakened)

C4 One-Horned Demon (awakened)

Creature of the Abyss (non- awakened)

Creature of the Abyss (awakened)

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