Thursday, September 18, 2008


Anwar wants Sep 23 emergency parliament session, but Pak Lah kata jangan.......

Well that was quick. I was expecting Pak Lah to at least drag it a few days for deliberation and then wait last minute to decline it to buy him more time because afterall he is a man under siege.

Now all bets are off. The language of violent oppression is. Because the last best hope of a smooth transition is not going to happen. The best chance to broker a deal has been declined. Its either do or die for BN.

And if we follow the ebb and flow of the happenings since early September, there can be no mistaking that BN is very weary of PR having secured the required number of jumpers to form a majority in the Parliament. (Again it is not important whether Anwar has it but it is vitally important that BN thinks that Anwar has it)

Pak Lah says there will be no more ISA anytime soon. Flip-flop? Or perhaps an even more effective form of oppression could be utilised. A declaration of emergency (Darurat) would make ISA arrest unnecessary.

ISA or Darurat to keep BN in power which one would he choose?

And with Anwar neutralised, the jumpers list would be unimportant....i would even say that Pak Lah hopes that he would not need to look at the jumpers list. By Pak Lah not knowing, the would be jumpers would not be forced to confront BN. The choice is still open to them to continue to be obedient BN followers as if nothing have happened. And BN would manage to survive this near overthrow without any damage, to continue to pillage Malaysia until their next crisis.

Thats why i tend to agree that the list should not come out now. But the list should come out when BN commits themselves in to an(unpopular) action. By making the list public then, BN would have no choice but to confront enemies from within while trying to hold off the enemies at the gate.

So now would BN kindly make the first move?

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