Friday, October 17, 2008

You can do it, you can break that 900 line

Ok fuck my last post, I change my mind. 

I hope the KLCI break under the fucking 900 barrier.

Yes you can do it, you can fall below the fucking 900 points.

KNM is still falling, I hope TNB falls as well, those cock sucking son of a bitch refusing to reduce their fucking electric tariffs when crude oil has fallen below USD70 from that fucking high in June/July of USD147.

Die die die you fucking nazis blood sucking mother fuckers. And that goes the same to all those chinese food traders. 

Get ready to TUMBLE !

KNNCCB save by the fucking bell again. 905.

KNM drop 10% & TNB fell RM0.15, just great.

Well there is still next week. 

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