Friday, October 24, 2008

KLCI free falling

Now that it is below 900, 800 looks not that distance.

In terms of Stock Exchange value, RM10 billion is not really a huge sum of money.

But to put money in a market that has no certainty of a base is kinda like borrowing money to gamble while on a losing streak. 

Valuecap can blow like RM1 biilion in a day. Then what ? Circumstances beyond their control ?

Better buy emas with RM10 billion then blow it up in the stock market.

Do YOU gain anything whether the Bursa is bearish or bullish ?
tell me this does not flame racial tension 

mykmu forum on the topic of UTUSAN MELAYU DI KEPUNG

this was by Sutradari "FRU patut sembur jer mana-mana imigran yang buat kacau kat Malaysia. Sembur dengan petrol, bukan dengan air. Lepas tu bakar dan humban dalam lubang"

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