Tuesday, October 28, 2008

800 and closing down

Sell ! Sell ! Sell !
KLCI plunge 50 points at opening bell !
Sell ! Sell ! Sell !
Since you can't short sell.

The drop could be adjustment to Monday Asian market drop as the Bursa was closed for Deepavalli, Pak Lah must be kicking himself on his head, if he had agree to two days Deepavali celebration like Raya & CNY.


But since 10 this morning, the KLCI had recovered some 10 valuable points. Brownie points I think. Now it just around the 815 mark.

So get your charts out and start drawing those resistance lines. If you can find one.

Our new Finance Minister might tell you that it is cheap to buy now.

Yes it is cheap, but it might be even cheaper next week.

Crude oil is around 60 bucks a barrel. Experts says it will drop to around 40 bucks.


Does that mean we get to pump below RM1.92 ?

I don't know, the government seems to be more concern  about the welfare of the petrol stations owners.


Well well what do you know, KLCI is heading south again, 802++.



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