Tuesday, December 02, 2008

PDRM - People Doing Rubbish Management

Ducky’s wife got robbed the other day.

Ducky is rather pissed, because the PDRM are a bunch of useless & pointless folks.

There is this fucking stupid way of reporting a crime in this country, after you make your police report, you have to go to another division to report it to another fucker under his zone.

Ours is just a snatch thief, I can’t imagine people with horrible incidents, rape, murder, kidnapped, accidents, and the victims and survivors need to ding dong around these police stations to report it.

Fuck you Najib, change the fucking PDRM mentality on crime reporting. Not us.

Anyone lucky enough to catch a snatch thief, do all of us a favour, kick the shit of this fuckers beyond recognition, then call the ambulance and go home. The police ? What for you want to go ding-dong-ing around. 


angel said...

sorry to hear abt that.. hope mrs ducky is ok..

this crime reporting procedure sudah lama loh.. really damn troublesome... i can never understand their procedure.. sigh.

ducky said...

Mrs. Ducky is ok, justs some bruises and a hell of a big traumatic experience.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha..bastard, fuck ur self..padan muka

yinkoon said...

ducky: Sorry to hear that. My house got break into few months ago. and i have to do the same thing. report at 2 police station. my friend even worst, her bag got snatch in front of a police station and she have to pay the expense to go to the main police station in town to report her case.

anonymous: i believe ducky may in a way mentioned negatively to najib but why do you respond like that. so if someone got hit by a car and he accidentally say shit the malay driver and you go there and whack him up is it?

have you got no sense you anonymous, if you got guts tell people who the shit are you?
I 100% sure you are one overpampered malay guy who had nothing better to do than getting mercy from non-malays like the rest.