Thursday, October 23, 2008

mykmu forum is a hilarious read

On Monday it did deep below 900 before clawing back above 900.
Then Tuesday & Wednesday was like no activity.
Boom! Finally it fell below 900 today, It looks like it is going to stay around this time around.


Is one hilarious website. 
I always make sure I read this site before I sleep, so I can have a good laugh and then tidur.
Try the forum, it is even more hilarious.
Most of the writers seems to be living in caves or the dense jungle of Taman Negara.
As they don't seem to have a graps of reality.
The only reality in their lifes are Melayu are Kings and the rest of the folks (Chinese are call pendatang and pigs and Indians are labeled as keling and pariah) are commoners.
This mykmu folks seems to feel the commoners owes them since they are the land of the soils, originally born and bred in this country since existence. And anyone labelling them as immigrant from Indonesia are told to check their History facts correctly.
I thought the orang asli were the first folks here together with the Indians up north in Kedah.
Most forum topics are written to ridicule all the commoners in the country with ugly racism comments and like the Utusan it seems to be immune from being label as "National Threat" as how our Government like to term it.


fly said...

ducky ah! lu pun serupa jugalah!

Anonymous said...

Aiseh man.... Who start the fire? Woi Ducky, ko apa kurangya, buat salah tarak pandai ngaku jugak...

ducky said...

sebab itu nama saya ducky, fly.

anon, I tak bakar apa-apa pun, I saw and felt it was over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Good, ko mmg tak merokok arr Ducky, so tak payah bakar apa-apa.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid

Anonymous said...

here ducky darkie DAKI!

hahaha! u people r the ones living in caves!! sejarah pun tak tahu, nak bising macam pandai!!

so arrogantly shallow!.. perrgh!!

Anonymous said...

When i redirected to here, i find it another stupid boring forum from those who preach ketuanan cina

Anonymous said...

You buta sejarah la Ducky

"I thought the orang asli were the first folks here together with the Indians up north in Kedah."

The Indians were brought into Malay Peninsula by the British in the early 19th century.

Before the coming of Islam in 13th century, the Malays were Hindus. Not Hindus as in India, but as in Bali.

Go and check out the details in Lembah Bujang, Sungai Patani, Kedah.

ducky said...

thank you for that history enlightenment anon.

Anonymous said...

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