Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stop paying balance of your taxes please

I understand some quarters of the blogging community have decided to go on strike on dis-satisfactory on the government rules and policies, ducky not wanting to be left out, decides to go on some form of strike as well. "stop paying your balance of tax" or simply delaying paying your balance of tax strike.

If after the April or June Tax deadline of tax submission, you have some balance of tax to pay, don't bother, don't pay them. I didn't pay them. Are satisfied with your present government ? No ? then don't pay the balance of taxes lah.

Penalty ? Court Case ? Imprisonment ?
Fear not, from a person who practice tax, these procedures takes at a couple of years before it finally happens. Just ignore all their threats letter until they finally decide to really get real nasty on you like a court hearing date. Then you slowly slumberly go to your tax office to meet the tax officers, tell them one hell long of a story with proof of this and that why you cannot pay your RM?????? tax and ask for an installment payment.

Ok disclaimer, but if you constantly need to travel in and out of the country, then it is better to have a clean sheet, as those fuckers will tagged you up with the Immigration and Police department, then you can kiss your passport goodbye.

All else, it should be good to avoid paying your balance of taxes for a couple of years.

Good, now you also can go on strike.

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