Monday, July 07, 2008

The Government is willing to let you die, are you bold enough to do the same to them ?

For 50 years they ran this country like their very own backyard.

Plundering all the natural resources of the country for their personal benefit and wealth.

Initiate mega billions projects only to be benifitted by a handful of individuals.

Set up 100s of companies to suck our nation wealth even further.

Its like the Free Mason story, from Rahman to Razak to Hussein to Mahathir and now to Badawi.

And when borderless transactions and free trades started eating into their coffers until it dry up did they leave ?

Hell no, they formulated new ideas to generate more cash for themself, reduce subsidies and increasing tolls and parking rates just to name a few.

And while they continue to rape us blind, what did we do ? We revolted against them. we took over 5 major states and we even capture the capital state. But did they leave this time around, after being beaten up so drastically ?

Hell no, they reduced more subsidies and increase more rates. Robbing us in broad day light now.

And what did we do ? We revolted again, this time in more numbers, louder voices, what happen then ? dominoes effect on prices on essential goods start escalating. Taxi fares up, food price up, housing material up, every damn thing under the fucking blue sky when sky high.

And what the fuck did we this time around ? Nothing. absolutely nothing.

And what can we do ? Honestly nothing. You know why ? Because we are not as brute and heartless as them. They are willing to stop at nothing to continue to stay in power. Absolutely nothing, if you dare them, they will do whatever necessary to bring you down legal or other wise.

I dare say I an brave enough to attend a rally, maybe be sprayed by a laced water cannon, but not being beaten by the FRU, kick or assaulted. Not lock up in Sg. Buluh or ISA. I am angry and pissed as you are, but I have kids and a wife. Who is going to look after them ? I got to worry about their future and mine too.

Unless you are ready and willing to go all the way against them, I don't see any end to the current conflict. Like most elderly people would say, just migrate.

News on use of military in our streets seem to shut some of us up. I have seen FRU, they look pretty nasty, but at the end of day, they are to protect and serve. The army on the other hand, kills for a living.

Call me a coward, if I so deserve it, but if you truely look deep into it, thats the fucking truth.

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