Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I thought Mr. Minister kick Saudara's ass

I decided to check on as many blogs/site & comments on last night debate.

Sure enough, majority of the readers & writers felt saudara Anwar slaughtered the Minister of Information word for word.

But ducky disagree, ducky felt, the Minister came to do a specific job and actually did the job mighty well.

Both men had specific agendas on their mind.

Saudara to highlight the corruption practice of BN by simply having the excuse of a fuel debate. Mr. Minister on the other is to remind us what saudara used to be and that we should be very afraid of him.

Given saudara’s extensive experience in public speaking and all sorts of ceramah and lectures in Malaysia and abroad, ducky wasn’t really impressed. Mr. Minister whether he had the experience in this kind of field, I have no idea, but ducky thought he did held himself pretty well, like how the Russian kick the Netherlands ass.

Simply put it, saudara has too many skeletons in the closet, and people with too many interesting past can’t really impress other more intellectual people unless they really start doing more action then talking. Err, I mean the other kind of action.

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