Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The world is not Malaysian.

Ha Ha damn fucking deserve to lose those pulau pulau kecil off of Johor straits.

It would be fucking ridiculous if we had won the case from an international point of view.

No I am not pro Singaporean.

Simple reason being, I work in the management firm line, and we deal with government officers every fucking day. From missing files, to pergi kursus to boss tak ade and main sukan and all those fucking excuses, they deserve this.

The government seems to think that the world think highly of them for whatever reasons and that they can somehow treat this foreign folks like they treat us with tidak apa attitude. Now kena tembak oledi, no bukti, no nothing and want to challenge with people over rights of a piece of land. Porahhh.

Mari-mari tepuk tangan.

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