Monday, May 05, 2008

Do away with BN and Minimum Wages might just see the light

Every time MTUC demands for minimum wages, the answer is always NO. There is always an excuse, lame reasons and most of the time illogical answers.

There seems to be something more than just money. For 40 over years MTUC has been trying to get minimum wages but yet seem to fail. Maybe MTUC wants to fail, maybe it is just a ploy, to deceive the millions of workers that it represent, that MTUC is doing something, just like the BN government. But in actual fact, nothing.

How can it logically be asking for minimum wages for over 40 years and yet fail and yet they do nothing about it. Make sense right, if you are not happy with your boss, you fucking tell him in his face or you quit and get a better job. This MTUC no. Try for 40 years fail, lets try another 40 years. The sum just doesn't adds up.

It is just something not acceptable anymore. Even poorer third world countries in Latin America or nearer here, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or Vietnam, do have minimum wages. Yes those minimum wages might not meet certain international standards but it is still a minimum wage. You see the logic here ?

Reason for this, most government fear their citizens, fear of the citizens revolting against them. Here it is the total opposite thanks to ISA. The BN trump card, it will never be abolish as long as BN rules. It is a quick YOU SHUT UP card. Lose an argument, no worries, just throw in your ISA card, 5 HINDRAF leaders in Kamunting.

With escalating food prices nowadays, I pity those trying to meet ends meet. Trying to raise a family with a couple of hundred of ringgits a month. Inflation my ass. We have the money to burn rocket fuel to space but no money for minimum wages. We have the money to sponsor a Formula 1 team but no money for minimum wages. We have money to sponsor a football team but no money for minimum wages.

Both Thailand & the Philippines minimum wages are around RM600-700, maybe MTUC can lower their minimum wage demand from RM900 to around RM600-700, to standardise the minimum wage in the region. Unfortunately Indonesia's minimum wages is about RM300-400 only.

Alternatively, the only way I see minimum wage to be accepted, is to do away with BN and let the other guys run the country since the other guys have people that actually advocate for minimum wage rights.

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