Friday, May 16, 2008

Give the PM post to Sabah & Sarawak, chances are we can have a new Government like esok!

First they lost their 2/3 majority.

So they decide they should revamp and rebuilt.

2 months later, other than a few changes in the cabinet, everything seems to be the same again.

Hindraf 5 denied freedom.

ISA is still relevant.

Our children is dying in National Service.

Minimum Wages is not feasible.

Nobody in Malaysia is being marginalised.

BN is still very relevant.

I am very confused, either the Government is extremely arrogant and bold or completely ignorant of what is happening around them.

Or maybe a third option, they seem to know something we don't know or we will never know. Like winning big in the 2013 election.

Arrogant, bold & ignorant seem to be more likely.

UMNO can tell the Royal State Rulers to fuck off, but when an old man in wheel chair does it, that is blardy treason.

UMNO can hold illegal rallies with FRU present standing like a fucking log. Anyone else does it will be kick into the fucking jail house.

SIL & gang can burn effigies of any damn thing, create some chaos, rally at some embassy, push FRU offices, and what happen ? nothing. Anyone else try pushing a FRU officer before ? Chances you will be knocked so fucking unconscious, lost of memory very likely.

Come on lah, just give the fucking PM position to the Sabah & Sarawak folks, they will just jump kapal like very now. Simple maths mah, no Sabah & Sarawak, no new Government. Got Sabah & Sarawak got new Government. They make it happen, they deserve it. Why do you think then Sabah & Sarawak is still thinking ? They are thinking of the reward and consequences. Is it worth it ? BN gave me a table by the Kitchen, what will new Government give me ? slighty further away from the kitchen ? If Anwar is really serious, he should not want the post of PM for himself, NOW, maybe later, when orang Melayu sudah lupa.

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