Monday, December 17, 2007

Why you must vote against Barisan Nasional

The problem is that those that already know why they must vote against Barisan Nasional has internet connection.

Those that are not reached by electronic media has to rely on local bogus media to read about the one sided political climate in the country.

Lets not even compare countries.

We have a ruling government that is so fucking arrogant about their leadership that they refuse to listen and accept changes. Having not lost election for the past 50 years has further boosted their arrogance.

We know from history that Barisan Nasional is a sore loser. May 13. Self explanation.

Any form of change/criticism from the component party even though right is not acceptable. Change/criticism from rakyat to opposition will forever be considered creating a racial tension.

Component parties members that do not agree with the Dollah's ideas/policies are advised to resign from their party or sack or suspended.

Rakyat and opposition parties will be prosecuted with any damn thing under the sky and strangely the court decision always side with Barisan Nasional.

Rakyat and opposition can be charged with various ridiculous charges with vague arguments and evidence and most times illogical reasons that once again the courts will side with the Barisan Nasional.

Its like working a project in your company, but you somehow did not manage to complete it. So your reason to your boss is that you did not have enough time to do it. And your boss say it is ok.

It is not OK, how can a fucking judge take an answer without a reason. It is full of shit.

The reason why you should vote against Barisan Nasional is simply yo reduce their majority in parliament, you can be assure that no where in hell Barisan Nasional is ever going to lose in the elections. Your uncles and aunts with 6 bungalows and millions in banks and investment will make sure that Barisan Nasional will be winning election for the next 100 years.

I dont know about you but I cant take the fact that my Government treat me like a child, by lying and telling me tall tales all the time and every solution seems to be either May 13 or ISA.
Even a child ask why to all your answer.

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