Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vote against BN

The kerajaan BN cannot be wrong.

Any accusation of wrong doing will be label as questioning the almighty kerajaan BN

The kerajaan BN cannot be criticize.

Any form of criticism will be consider a threat to national security.

The kerajaan BN cannot be challenge.

Any form of challenge is illegal and must be silence off by any means necessary.

Ducky would like to cast a no confidence vote on the kerajaan BN.

How can I do that.

Can I tear up my ballot paper.

Simpler yet why not just boycott the coming election.

Or is it not wise to do as old people say BN sure kalah teruk one.

Say no to BN and vote for anything under the sky other than BN.


Anonymous said...

like it or not its' either pas or umno.

you fucks shout but end of the day cast your ballots with your tail between the legs.

i've voted pas for the last 4 elections and would continue to do so.

umno is the real extremist

wake up you fucks.

ducky said...


I've voted 2 out of 3 of the past election. 1 for PAS and 1 for DAP. I'll vote for anything other than BN.