Saturday, December 15, 2007

Not so great dictatorial minds think alike?

The government came into power promising a "new order". Then the government proceded to rob the country blind while declaring that his predecessor left him an empty treasury. After these deeds were found out, the government promptly announce a state of emergency and detained arbitrarily any dissident in the name of national security. And then by interfering in the country's judiciary and other branch of government, including amending the constitution to extend the retirement age of a certain friendly office bearer to the ruling party, the government manage to solidify its cleptocratic hold on to the country. The country mass media was also tightly controlled by the government to prevent people to know the truth. But eventually the people found out.... then there was mass demonstrations which forced the ruling elites to flee the country.

Yes you read that correctly. The ruling elites were exiled. Of course if you have ommited reading the last sentence, you might have thought i was referring to the BN government. But i wasnt referring to them although there are striking similiarities.

I was actually referring to Ferdinand Marcos's Philipines in the 1970s.

Now for all the things Malaysia have achieved, with all the resources, with the biggest government(minister to population ratio wise), all they can do is to plagiarise a thirty year old political manouver from the Philipines? But luckily they copy from Philipines and not from Indonesia or else we would have gotten an earful like when we copy their songs and dances.

While on the matter of foreign influence, do you know that our national service was copied bulat bulat from another country? Many would think that we copied Singapore, but the fact is, we copied this from none other than Israel. Of all countries.

Then there is RELA, the personal army of BN which was influenced by Nazi Germany's Gestapo.

Lastly the FRU. Now these guys are really tough. Needless to say they were definately inspired by Spartans(as seen on 300). They form a human shield and there is absolutely no way that anyone could get past them. And when they advance, they leave a bloody trail in their wake. They are so badass that you half expect them to shout " this is Malaysia" before they start whacking people. Unfortunately, they recently suffered some reputation hit when an injured dude wearing an arm sling got past them on the occasion of an american chick visiting Malaysia. Also an unconfirmed report of FRU almost losing someone when they crackdown on some temple devotees in Batu Caves.

I would like to mention that this list is of course, non exhaustive but as it is, it is already too long a post.

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