Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now move aside enlighten, have you heard of best-lock pulak?

(Best-Lock pirate ships, 500 pieces at RM70)

In my quest to seek for more enlighten products, i found another lego like brand.

This one is called Best-Lock Construction sets.

The different is this is not a fake lego, in a way. Unlike those fake chinese lego, Best-Lock bricks are not the same size with legos even though it is mentioned as compatible in their boxes.

The price ? Got my self a 500 pieces pirate ship for RM70, though i was hoping for RM60.

The shop that I got it from, only had 2 pirate ship models, the rest are military sets, which i'm not interested.

as i was seeking out lego models, the previous ship that i got apparently is the exact replica of the original lego, size and colour ! see for yourself. So the ugly colours originated from lego !


angel said...

Errrr... 2nd childhood?
*big grin*

ducky said...

huh yes, someone pointed out to me which one was you at the together gather group photo. how cum no orgy photos afterwards ?
anyway have you seen how much lego cost nowadays ? at least it is something cheap compare to gadgets and remote control planes/cars.

angel said...

Haa... someone did, huh? But you already knew how I look like in the beginning, no? So when u wanna buy me coffee jek?

I won't be looking @ Lego as yet... unless my niece likes it later on... :D

So, no more torrent download for you ka?

angel said...

Yaaa! Where's my SATC?? :P