Friday, March 09, 2007

Have you heard of enlighten ?

Recently i was at this shop and i saw this lego like bricks. As far as i knew, only lego had bricks like that, the other kinds of bricks were slightly different in sizes and variation.

So i picked it up, and wtf, a 310 pieces set of a red coat ship cost Rm37.50 ! So i bought it lah of course. Went home and expect some hard to understand china converted instructions, and to my surprise, the instructions was standard lego.

Other than the fact that the ship colors is rather colourful, red, blue, white, yellow ! there is also mast and sails !

So decided to google the name of that products enlighten, and true enough, it is a fake lego product. the pieces are not that perfect fitting but it fits, other than that the pieces looks identical to that of lego. and it has been around for a couple of years now.

The same time i found quite a number of forums expressingly unhappiness that such fake products are being allow to be sold across the globe. Most demanded that these fake lego be incernerated.

Personally i think this ppl only feel this way is because they are from the US or develop europeans countries where their currency exchange are much stronger than let say us. how can you compare when a set of lego cost like USD40 for them but cost RM150 for us. And that is like alot of money to most people.

Yes i agree that china is now the world no. 1 faker of goods, but to a certain extent it has brought some good to it. without china, poorer families will not be able to afford toys that was once only for the rich kids. i believe its a balance.

So now, i'm on the hunt to search for this enlighten sets, i wont mentioned where i bought it from, for fear of some sob and mofo that decides to crush them up with a bull-dozer.
edited, pictures of course!
i think this is @ Rm40.00
i think this is @ Rm50.00
i got this for Rm5.00


Lizzam said...

I can't agree more about the pricing issue. We should use a regional price, instead of linking everything onto USD. that's why DVDs are only USD15-20 over there and here, its like at least RM50 for a decent title.

btw, a pic of the Enlightened toy would be nice, tho.

Putrezitu said...

im also looking for more Enlighten pirate sets, so if you can link me more products or give me more info regardng this issue, it would be great! ATM i dont know what sets is Enlighten faking so its kinda hard for me to know... what exactly im loking for :)

fazli said...

so im also searching for enlighten..but nowadays it's very hard to find if you guys have found the retailers or place to buy it, do inform or email me by this address

Archarzel said...

i'd kill to find someone that can translate polish and help me buy some of the enlighten sets on, since their software is mostly based on an english website software i found my way around enough to get the sets i want in my basket, even figured out that the 10-15 sets i was gonna buy would only cost like $90 us, but i cant translate what the shipping would cost, how they accept payment, etc etc... i wish these folks had a US site.. meanwhile, i just have to wait for e-bay sellers to put up the ones im looking for.
if anyone finds an english language storefront selling these enlighten sets, email me at deathfrog(at)hotmail(dot)com. would be much appreciated.

Enlightenclub said...

Enlighten brick is indeed enlighten many children and adults about bricks. The quality and the mini figures are very good and its compatible and comparable to Lego. Not only that, the price is much lower and more value than Lego. I have 10 sets of Enlighten bricks 0043 and now I even able to afford to get many mini figures as compared with lego (expensive and lesser mini figures) and form my own army world. For those who are Enlighten fan, you can add me at

Anonymous said...

If you want to buy more enlighten products Try Ebay Heaps on there

MetroiD said...

If you ask me, they should run the entire Enlighten factory over with buldozers, not just their "shifty" creepy sets! The quality of the plastic is laughable and absolutely INcomparable to LEGO, not to mention the blatant difference between the pictures depicted on the boxes and the parts included... which is mainly because most Enlighten sets are horrible LEGO rip-offs, and THAT is why Enlighten should not even exist! Cheap LEGO, my *ss - that's a downright disgrace to all toys.

ducky said...

Which is why MetroiD, it is called pirated goods, it has no quality and the plastic are not durable. And it is sold at a fraction of LEGO's price.
Not everybody in the world makes USD or Euro, would you buy a LEGO set that is going to cost you say USD1,000 ? That is how much this LEGO sets cost us.
I recently bought a shifty 'Black Seas Barracuda' for @ USD27 equivalent in my currency. If you still can get one from ebay, my guess it would be around USD400 ?, in which it would cost RM1,440 in my country!

Chin Hon said...

I would like to let go my Enlighten sets at reasonable price. For those who interested , pls email me at Thank you.

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