Thursday, March 01, 2007


Holidays always mean free time, free time always means watching all the movies i had downloaded from axxo and had not the time to watch it yet. In total i had downloaded like 6 movies in a dvd multiply by 30 dvds = 180+- movies.

Flyboys was rather good, imagine WW1, real dogfights, not real dogs fighting, WW1 planes, german vs british/french.

Unlike modern dogfights, with weapons lock on and homing missiles, those WW1 dogfights were real to the last bullet, no locking on to targets, just manual aim and fire, imagine using manual aim for Carl in GTA ! That was how tough it was. They would have this round aimer thing which they tried to aim at the enemy's plane and bam ! bam ! bam ! miss or hit depends on your accuracy and aircraft maneuvering skills.

Summary - bunch of americans went to france to join the Lafayette Escadrille . Some died and some became heroes. Inspired by true story. Soundtrack is by Trevor Rabin (National Treasure), so you know is good. Included in one of the pilot is David Ellison, son of Oracle Larry Ellison.

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