Thursday, November 24, 2005

today i wanted to talk about denial, but i changed my mind, cause suddenly i thought of the word fuck and mother fucker, and the first thing that reminded me of that is.. not the mofo charlie in vietnam, is not that mofo that double park, its not that mofo that talk oh the hp during a movie, its THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY if u have not watch this film go get it, if u love hearing the word fuck & mofo being mentioned 90% of the time i a show go get it, if u love to swear, go get it, if u love black ppl comedy, go the fuck get it, im thinking of getting the ori, but icant find one, my 2 vcd copies are cinema copies complimentary of uncle Ho. u got 4 world class black comedy, we are not talking about old man bill cosby, ok, this are kick ass american african that loves to swear, its like second nature to them, every fucking sentence is a fucking word, lets see if i can find some quotes from the net, u are lucky today, i used a good 20 minutes, but i found what i wanted, this my friend should be a classic, like dirty harry's make my day punk.
"I'm gonna break down what the word 'mathaFacka' actually means. It's about expression. Don't be ashamed of the word 'mathaFacka,' 'cause the word 'mathaFacka' is a noun. It describes a person, place or thing. It's just expression. You might see three or four brothers together. You might hear the word 'mathaFacka' 32 times. And you might hear just two regular English words. But the conversation makes sense like a mathaFacka. Everybody can understand it. Don't be afraid of the word 'mathaFacka.' I'm gonna break it down to you. If you out there this afternoon and you see about three or four brothers talkin, you might hear a conversation, and it go like this:

'You seen that mathaFackin Bobby?

That mathaFacka owe me 35 mathaFackin dollars.
He told me he gonna pay my mathaFackin money last
mathaFackin week. I ain't seen this mathaFacka yet.

I'm not gonna chase this mathaFacka for my 35
mathaFackin dollars. I called the mathaFacka four
mathaFackin times, but the mathaFacka won't call me
back. I called his mama the other mathaFackin day.

She gonna play like the mathaFacka weren't in.
I started to cuss her mathaFackin ass out, but I
didn't want no mathaFackin trouble.

But I'll tell you one mathaFackin thing.

The next mathaFackin time I see this mathaFacka,
and he ain't got my mathaFackin money, I'm gonna bust
his mathaFackin head!'

aint that mathafacking great! i'm out of here mofo.

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