Monday, November 28, 2005

GOTCHA, now this has finally happen, someone has finally caught the pdrm on film, i was actually thinking of how to set the pdrm up, well i think someone beat me to it, my guess, there in two conclusion to this, 1st it was a set up with "insiders", ppl who knew what would happen under police custody for certain ppl. why a set up ? the person who took the footage, knew exactly where the incident took place, and then the victim actually turn around, well this theory no. 1, but i would rather go with theory no. 2, which i think the pdrm would definetely deny till their tomb stone, because of the same theory, that the person who took the footage knew exactly where to take it, it had to be a inside job. yes it was one of their one ppl. no doubt, why not, not all cops are bad, unfortunately we seem to want to see only what we want to see, in every establishment there is always a certain amount of goodness where evil lurks, i believe this is what we call a balance, maybe a new recruit, someone who have been having nightmares of the evil of their doings in the station, or just a handful of pdrm that are very proud to be K.L. finest, "to protect and to serve" and it had to be job done not by one but a handful, one have to shhot the footage, and a couple need to look out. we just hope more footage come rolling out as days go by, just hope uncle ho dont make it into a short story kinda thing.

BUT as usual, all this hoo ha will disappear after a while, and every thing goes back to normal, why because we are malaysian, we are the nation of tidak apa, i guess the malaysian have not recorded our tidak apa ness to be recorded in the malaysian guiness book of record for taking the most bs and swallowing it, i guess in another not so nice words we are cum eaters. yes we eat cum, cause we swallow every bs they give to us, yes of cause we struggle first, cause cum stinks, but eventually we got use to it, and naturally, swallowing cum is normal!

how much cum have we swallow, lets see, the kenny ong incident, is shopping complexes parking any better now, how about those cctv, deparayacnyx'mas highway accident, that singh lawyer that shot a despatch rider, only in bolehland can that lawyer won his case, road bully can u believe it, the despatch rider wass bullying the lawyer who apparently had a MOFO GUN. wow!, AP case, rafidah? how about billions of dollars wasted in building computers classes, mas saved by the govt, that mentri besar case in australia bring a shit load of money into the country, recently those 3 chinese immigrants who were also strip. samy vellu's kepong highway, shoddy developers, that masjid india case on dbkl building unwanted structures near a mosque, and the selling of lots by the igp son, any manay more, being a tidak apa citizen i also have swallow cum and forgotten some as well.

so now what should we do ? given the same scenario in a develop country, where authorities invloved or incharged will resign from their post or commit suicide, public demand a public apology, ppl go on strike, police stations are full of ppl outside protesting.

i think wat the pdrm did all this while, have to stop, who is going to stop them, we are, we are the only ppl that can stop them, the govt are no better than them, those mca, mic & gerakan buggers better coem to their senses, if u are not with us u are against us, this should be our motto, its old but its a classic. protest is what we should do, the amount of ppl, a million should abt do it, should we start at one point ? no around the country, that way, we are more mobile, target ? meet at the dataran merdeka. why ? because its a historical place, and what we are doing is going to be historical, largest illegal gathering ever in malaysia, we need uncle lim support that is for sure, uncle lim have to advise us what to do, we dont want to break as much law as possible, we are not stirring up a fight, we are protesting, so pls leave yer ak47, m16, rocket launcer, sidewinders, patriot missiles, rambo kit, parang, clever, baseball bat, tongkat and all that stuff, u want to bring a weapon, bring a bottle of water, cause we be shouting and we need to drink, maybe some local water company can sponsor us, oh also no molokov cocktail, ok! peaceful demonstration with a million ppl, why a million if nobody back down, they cant fit a miilion ppl in the prison nor the police station, when u have the numbers u have the power.

so what is bolehland cum swallowers going to do, i leave it to you, anyway i'm oso i cum swallower. but i no longer want to, how abt u ? it is time to spit.

lets not do this alone and die alone

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

He's a definite martyr, bro.
God bless your indelible soul.