Friday, November 25, 2005

last night i saw my bro in law playing some old arcade games, brought back some fond memories of yesteryears arcade game, not packman, or those ancient shit, ok. street figher (sf) kind of era, sf 2 era, me and my partner in blow em up then TAT, we played, raiden, raiden 2 was hard, 1945 and 1944 midawy or something like that, sky soldiers, final fight, robocop, cabal (i think), two guys on a bike with attachble side guns (cant remember that game), somekind of rambo game i think its call akira, yes i checked the net CABAL is correct. hell there were plenty. but sf1 is the only one i think that made it through all the while. they had a sf movie with van damme, kylie minogue, i think hong kong ahd something like that as well. but which character was our fav, had to be ken & ryu, guile maybe. why we like them ? who dont like, "a ryu kee" "a ryu kee" "wat cha cha cha" how bout "tiger, tiger, tiger upper cut"

i believe some of of us than wanted to screw chunli, much as she was only a animated character, well how about lara croft?
i think a mix quote of sf2 & yoda (as usual) might be fun, but tough. interesting, maybe i'll tonight

the original cast of sf2 before the add in their names, lets try to remember them, ryu, honda, blanka, guile, balrog, venga, ken, chunli, russian guy, indian guy, sagat and of course mr. raul julia himself give it for bison, yes indian guy dalsim, gentlemen start your engine !


Yoda said...

vega not venga. and the russian guy is called zangief.I am so into the game that i can tell you what will happen in the picture. 1st pic, chunli will get nail if ryu is giving a slow fireball but she should be able to escape id it is a fast fireball. 2nd pic, guile will give ken the flip kick. 3rd pic, this is not arcade game because in arcade you cannot choose baltog,vega,bison and sagat.
and finally i admit being someone who wants to screw chun li especially when she is doing the inverted spinning kick!

ducky said...

yes zangief, with that power drill and bear hug, thanks.