Thursday, October 02, 2014

Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is one of those slow motion show you cannot tahan.

And the characters take god damn long to grow into you.

The show starts, you fucking hate Walter, cause he is a pussy and that gets you wtf.

Then Jesse, wtf is wrong with you man, can't you be a little calm ??????

First time i started watching it after 2 episodes I can't take it anymore. all the Walter pussy and Jesse wtf just pisses me off.

Then 5 years gone by, you read in the news that Breaking Bad won some awards, wtf, seriously.

So i sat down again, took a deep breath, suffer through a few episodes, then I see, Walter grew some balls and became Heisenberg a kick ass mother fucker, well Jesse is still Jesse. But he grows on you now.

But do watch the behind the scenes, for a dark serious show, the behind the scene is so fucking hilarious. As Walter have to put his cancer face on, behind the scene is like tahan the cancer face until CUT!.

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