Friday, August 01, 2008

Some BIG ass accident in Taman Connaught

I peep out of my office window, and noticed that the highway heading towards the city was pretty damn slow.

So I check Malaysiakini and PPS thinking it was some roadblock again. But found nothing.

So during lunch time I went down and still notice the traffic heading towards the city was still very bad, so I decided to ask some of the kay-poh traders downstairs.

Apparently, according to them, from whichever sources they got it from, a big long ass trailer, coming down from the Taman Connaught MRR2 exit lost control and ramp straight ahead into the steel divider bringing along with it a handful of cars, some say 7, some say 8, and finally slamming into the concrete wall of Giant CMC.

Some say many people died, star-online said 2 with many injured.

No pictures as eventually, many other more famous bloggers might write something about it with pictures.

Thinking about the accident, I might actually died today since I passed by there everyday to work, but by luck or whatever unseen natural forces, I was late/early and was lucky.


hippo said...

Aiks, such tragic accident. I sure hope not many died.

rainbow angeles said...

u lucky ducky mar...

ducky said...

Ya lor so traggic, reports say only 2 mati but the rest serious condition. To say only 2 die is quite unfair as any life that died is precious by itself.

Dun know what to say lah angel, lucky or not, dont want speculate, many other people use the same route to where ever, some also lucky like me, some not so..