Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Devil or the Sodoman

Have you ever actually seen a Mat Rempit doing a suicidal superman stunt on his bike on the highway ?

I have and it must be the stupiest thing I have ever seen in my entire bike riding life.

Not only must you balance yourself on the 2 wheels, you now decide to lie on the bike with practically no balance whatsoever and riding yourself to hell to meet the Devil.

But maybe the Devil is already here, in Permatang Pauh.

So what is it going to be the Devil or the Sodoman ?

Change need to happen in our country for it to prosper further.

Many nations in the world had took that bold step to make that change.

Some died, some are suffering, but many believe if they had not done it they might not know what was behind door no. 2.

There is no guarantee in life just the decisions that we make and accept that make the difference.


Antares said...

How true! I like that word, "Sodoman"! Reminds me of Sudirman, who was really a very nice, quiet, shy guy with enormous talent...

Guess all the Big Fat Assholes in Buntot Najis are SHITTING THEIR UNDERWEAR at the mention of the name... SODOMAN!!!

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