Friday, June 13, 2008

Stupid rebate idea

Fuel rebate for cars with engine capacity 2.0 litres and below ???

Does it not make you wonder, how on earth did this stupid mother fuckers came up with such a ridicolous idea.

Picked from the cheebai star online, eg, a

1. BMW Z4 2.0i ROADSTER (CBU) - 348,800.00
2. MERCEDES-BENZ SLK200 - 468,888.00

Go imagine, you lining up there to collect your rebate, next in line is dollah or maybe some royalty !!!!


ducky bodoh said...

u lah stupid fuck. pegi sekolah dulu baru main blog bodoh!!

ducky bodoh said...

kalau xnak x payah ambik oi bangang!!

ducky pandai said...

i lah clever not fuck. tak pegi sekolah dulu lama tak main blog pandai.

kalau nak payah ambik oi tak bangang!!

ducky said...

ducky dulu tak pi sekolah, sebab banyak banggau macam u.

ya ducky pandai, terima kasih.

rainbow angeles said...

tuan itik... ini sikalang manyak happening.. apasal lu tarak belog??