Thursday, June 05, 2008

4 June Celebration - "Hari Kelahiran Pukimak Negara - Pak Lah"

Fine it is inevitable, for the Government to absorb the petrol prices forever.

Market prices, fine, bring it on. Lets not wait till August, or tomorrow, give it to me now.

A dual increase in price will only make the mother fucking chinese traders/hawkers increase their prices whether it actually affect them or not. So I say increase it once only.

And since the Government insist on market prices, I would also want to buy a car at prevailing market prices.

Can you do that ???? Of of course you can't, cause whenever you take any policy and start comparing with world standards, you only pick what you want to pick and nothing else matters.

You know what, we should have a "Hari Rasmi Ulang Tahun Kelahiran Pukimak Negara" every 4 June to celebrate the country's first hybrid Pukimak, Pak Lah.

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