Friday, October 05, 2007

Stupid Samy

I know Samy is stupid, you know Samy is stupid, but this time I think Samy really spoke before he even got any advised on this matter, because if he had, he would realised hell a lot of his fellow MPs are superbikers and they would gladly see him removed then to part with their beloved Harleys or their Triumph.

And to realised that a Superbiker overtook him at 170km/h, he got to be travelling at around 150/160km/h my guess. But what he should had proposed to him self is to get a better driver or a higher power litre car. Given his mentality he might get a truck, a higher litre motor vehicle.

Stupid Samy.


bayi said...

If Samy wants to be a joker like Kayveas, let him be. He has done enough damage to us already.

walski69 said...

Hey bro! Been a while, eh?

Anyways, great minds think alike...