Monday, October 08, 2007

Causality in Malaysia

We learnt that World War 1 started because of an assassination of an Austrian priest.

We also learnt that America becomes involve in World War 2 because of the Pearl Harbour incident.

Closer to present time, we are aware that America invaded Afganistan because of the World Trade Centre attack.

And then America invaded Iraq because of Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I know. As the list goes on it becomes more and more ridiculous that the root cause of war is something so irrelevent (when viewed with hindsight after knowing the consequences)

But in the true spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we have the most ridiculous causality in which to bring about changes in policy(fortunately not war).

Works minister is going to ban superbikes because one of them allegedly overtook him on the highway!

As an observer of history i would not comment on the casuality of war in Europe/Middle East because frankly it does not effect me personally. Superbikes does not effect me either because i don't ride bikes. But what may or will effect me is the reaction of the govt to the cause, for example...

What if an imam got killed in Thailand. Would our govt declare war?


What if a minister step on some dog shit, would they order the culling of all the dogs in Malaysia?

Maybe the current govt in Malaysia has been in power for far too long and that this power has make them too complacent and readily flaunt their authority with impunity.

Think about it,

We have a govt that has been accused of the following(this year alone!):

Corruption - Port Klang, Russian Jets, Navy Boats, Timber deals, etc...

Crime against humanity - Batu Burok, Mongolian, Klcc protest, etc....

Defy The Constitution - Appointing Judges, curbing religious freedom, etc....

And yet, and yet they still have the political clout to litterally piss off people on superbikes as well as the Bar council.

US govt is not powerful, they have to hide the truth about WMD and prison torture. Failing to do it they retreated and kept quiet.

Burma govt is not powerful, when people found out about their killing of civilian they lay low.

Malaysia govt is the most powerful, after all that they have been accused of they can still piss of their voters and ban superbikes just because one of them overtook a minister's car on the highway.

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ducky said...

We need Jack Bauer to bring them down. "We dont have a lot of time, and I need you to trust me on this"