Monday, September 24, 2007

Start having a kid or just shut the fuck up

We have stupid ministers and we have really stupid ministers.

But that loud mouth Nazri must be the stupiest among the lot.

Taking action against parents that neglect their own kids ? And who is going to set the guide line ? Are you sure you want to do that ? The majority of folks you are going to upset are your own kind.

We Chinese have either 1 or 2 kids. Maybe some 3 or 4. We are not like your kampong folks that waste not those so call precious drops that you need to conceive every single drop of it. With a family of 6 or 7 is very very very difficult to control and care for.

You want your kampong folks to walk every single one of their kids to school and sundry shop and errands ? Then I suppose you Mr. Nazri make some time out of your free schedule to visit them in their kampong to plant those vegetables or padi or plucking the coconuts or cutting that sugar cane or that whatever that they do the whole fucking day and get paid little more than what you make in a day.

I suppose you have no idea what it is like to take care of kids nowadays. And if Mr. Nazri thinks kids are like what he was when he was 4 or 5, dumb and dumber, I wouldn’t blame him, as his intelligence has definitely not grown much since then. Maybe he is a little smarter then that kera that climbs up the tree to pluck coconuts.

And for those other people out there, rich and have plenty of servants and nanny to take care of their young ones, or those not having any children or the worst kind, the kind that sent it to their aged parents to care for their young ones and any fuckers for that matter, just shut your fucking mouth.

No you have no right to say nor comment on any matter concerning children cause you have none or you are not taking care of one and you have no idea the kind of stress and pressure parents nowadays faced. I have all the limited right to comment because I have 2 kids of my own.

So I suggest before you start to following Mr. Nazri footsteps I suggest you hang around folks with a couple of kids for a day or two and see how tiring it is to take care of kids nowadays.

And if you think it is a piece of cake, by all means go start one, and would be very sure you will be supporting my post in 1 year time.

So go fuck off and get a kid.


tingtitlei said...

i think the correct thing to say would be "shut the fuck up if you cant manage your own kid".

dont blame it on the kids, blame it on the parents. if both the mommy any daddy, and they cant afford to hire nannies or whatever then please refrain from having unsafe sex, resulting in unplanned pregnancy.

im not ashamed to say that i have very good parents and they didnt even allow me to go out alone until i was 14

Gallivanter said...

Agreed. Whatever it is, we seem to be losing focus on the real issue here - nabbing the culprit!

ducky said...

I guess u didnt read the post properly tingtitlei, dont tell me a 17 year old like you have kids. Staying with one and having one is not the same.

Yes Daniel, people always seems to focus on the wrong issues, being such a high profile case now, I hope they wont do that Perak royalties case, where they got some culprit and said it was them.

Sharina said...

If you can't be responsible for your own kids, then you shouldn't have any. Sorry, but the amount of children getting abused and kidnapped is a sign of parental negligence. YOU are held responsible for YOUR children because YOU chose to have them.

Nab the culprit. That isn't going to solve negligence on the parents part. This whole wouldn't have even happened if Nurin's parents had been paying attention to her children.

Again, if you're not going to take responsibility over your children, you shouldn't have kids.

S.N. said...

"Nab the culprit. That isn't going to solve negligence on the parents part."

Nabbing the culprit got nothing to do with "solving" the negligence. A sex predator "hunt". Rarely an opportunist. Arresting a criminal is not an act to justify someone carelessness.


guyWithaSmile. said...

eh.. anymore pretty pics of leng yein.. better yet,any juice gosip about her?

Sharina said...

S.N, did I say it was? The parent's negligence has to be addressed as well. What part of "this wouldn't have happened if the parents were paying attention to their children"?

I'm not denying the fact that the person who did this was a fucking asshole and I'd like nothing better than to see him/her suffer.

Just don't ignore the fact that none of this would have occurred had the parent been a bit more attentive.

ducky said...

Do you people actually read what I write ? Let me try it again, if you dont have kids, shut the fuck up. You want to say something, say something nice and comforting. Dont tell me you would tell a rape victim she deserve it because of the way she dresses. Its the same thing. Unless you are a parent yourself, you wont understand shit.

Sorry guywithasmile, i'm just the postman.

10 reasons why are you stupid said...

I need you to understand.
Her loss is bad parenting.
Wandering at pasar malam ( at night!) and you are justifying their actions by saying raising kids are tough jobs? And you want people to be sugarcoated over you saying "you are not are not totally..ummm.." on this piece of shit you are writing? Pathetic. Might as well write and not publish them you stupid bugger.

Sorry for not sugarcoating...too kipas buntut for me.

Sharina said...

So I guess if a kid has been abused by their parents, people who don't have kids should stfu because they don't have kids?

Face it, if you can't look after your child and if you can't make sure that your child is safe, you should give your child up for adoption.

What the fuck makes you think that just because you can get fucking pregnant, that you know how to look after your kids?

Ducky, give your kids up if you're not going to look after them. My mom has 5 children and none of us have ever been in a situation where our lives were at risk. And she thinks that Nurin's parents should take responsibility over what happened.

The "if you don't have kids, you shouldn't talk" BS is BS. If you put your child's life in danger, you're guilty. Period.

ducky said...

I dont see any point arguing here, you are just a child, and as long as you are a child, you can never see over the other side of a parent point of view.