Monday, August 13, 2007

Gay Pastor

Lets just say for argument sake, a Muslim holy man, a Imam which also originated from Malaysia but now resides in the US of A which accidentally is a Gay as well decides to balik kampung to eat some local goreng pisang, what do you think the Malaysian Custom or Immigration will do ? Your guess is as good as mine, NO ENTRY.

But of course all you muslim, would say that there is no Gay muslim, it is prohibited and so and so. Like wise a gay man is also prohibited in christianity, and only dick head countries like the US of A and some european countries I think would condone such lewd acts and misinterpret the bible for their own benefit.

Somehow muslims seems to think that the US of A is the central development area for christianity. Well its not. Asia and Africa has seen much development since.

Well anyway, my point, Gay pastor decides to balik kampung, no problem, selamat datang. And why not, its just adds more name labelling by the muslim and alikes. Make fun of christianity, spread it all over the internet the print media, menj and alikes would be having a field day.

This is how insensitive our present govt is to non-muslim, remember how fast they reacted to demolishing that islam-cult that promotes orgies and all ? And the Da Vinci code, which was not ban ? You decide.

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Yodaddy said...

Well how about looking at it this way.... if the govt does ban this gay pastor, you should really be worrying. Because they can now "interfere" with a religion other than their own (assuming the top guy does the banning).

Unless a christian member of the ruling party make some noise, it would be could be viewed as inappropriate for the govt to ban.

But on a different point but a similiar note, your post seem to suggest human intervention as necessary to correct or to guide the religion to the right path. Or are you just pointing out that the lack of restriction by the govt in religion or more specifically your religion, as a sign of discrimination?