Saturday, July 07, 2007

TV Series 24

I must be the last person on earth to start watching TV series 24.
Just finish watching Season 1, now gong on to season 2, 14 episodes later, and it is better than season altogether.
When i first started to watch it, Jack Buer seems like a real SOB, always bitching about something or someone, a short fused guy with no respect for the law and authority. Doing anything he likes just because he think it is right so.
But as the show progress, you realised that the SOB is just really a mixed mofo. With years of doing intel for the govt, his mind is so fuck up that he starts to suspect every single one.
Season 2 start off with a bang, killing of FBI suspects and cutting off his head, Jack shows why he is the real thing, because he gets the job done no excuse. Season 2 really starts to show Jack characteristic as a soldier rather than a intelligence agent at the CTU.
And btw CTU is just a fictional govt agency. Thou in actual real life such a anti terrorist do exist but not under the name of CTU.
Season 3 is on the way, with Season 2 about to complete.
Wont be too soon when i reach the current season of 6. Heard that Season 7 & 8 is well on the way as well. 24 looks like Alias, but i feel Alias is just a girlie show.

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