Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I dont play that many PS2 games, but there are 4 specific games that i enjoyed, loved and will continue to play over and over again until my PS2 is broken or otherwise.

1. GTA San Andreas
I guess this is everyone all time favourite, no doubt about it, from street brawling to kung fu fighting to taking down an entire Military post arm with an AK47 or whatever you fancy and then to drive a wide range of cars that you can put nitro on and do all crazy ridicolous stunts with motorbikes, planes, helicopter, speedboats and even a bicycle.

2. Mercenaries Play Ground of Destruction
I'm not sure many played this, but if you did, you know what is install for any GTA fans. Instead of cars, now you get to drive a wide range of military vehicles, from tanks to armoured vehicle and even a Russian made chopper that look like that Apache (sorry i have limited military knowledge, unlike my friend kim soon and andrew !) And not to mentioned mind blowing guns like the surface to air missille launcher.

3 & 4. God of War I & II
Between GTA and this, I might choose Kratos as the ultimate man warrior. Game play is simple, kill ! kill ! and kill ! again. Anyone come in your way, unleash your blades and cincang them to pieces, if they are still alive, unleash your other magical powers to weaken them and then finish them off with your mighty blades again.

Ducky writing a game review ? Nooooooooooooo, Kratos the character of God of War is a Spartan, which was the only thing that reminded me when I saw the preview for 300 earlier this year. And when i finally watch it thanks to AXXO, sure enough, it was Kratos all again.

300 was a spectacular film about the Spartan soldiers. In the beginning of the film, a summarize idea of what a Spartan soldier citizen faced to become what he is today. And the fighting scene, might be too gross for some, but for Kratos fans, it was what expected. What do you expect, THIS IS SPARTA !

If you had not known about Sparta or the Spartan Army, i suggest you google it yourself and do some reading. But since all this are Greeks histories and legends, bare in minds that some facts might be fictional or mythicals as like our Hikayat Hang Tuah and Puteri Gunung Ledang. Do read also about the Battle of Thermopylae.

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