Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Five years since I last scribble something here.

A lot has change, 2008 was disappointing, 2013 was not convincing, 2014 looks very personal agenda, I have no intention to continue voting in any future elections.

Just like how I mentioned in my last post 5 years ago, "the rebels overthrow those in power, but in the end , the new regime becomes just like the old one"

I think I will start scribbling things I like to do most, cooking and watching TV.

At least my tummy is full and there are always happy ending.


rainbow angeles said...

omg! you are back! sigh! time just fly by, huh! 5 f**king years!

but, glad to 'see' you again! and alive :P

ducky said...

haha interesting blog, left a comment but some error, nice reading.

Anonymous said...

yeah hi, i forgotten my password...its yodaddy lol